Xranilec Cars NFT story about our project

Vrumm Vrummm [Hello] people SUI
Xranilec Cars are WEB 3 cars with a blocky design. Unique, constantly rushing through the world of WEB 3.
Our team is from Ukraine and it consists of 3 people… Ambitious people!
We strive to saturate our NFT collection not only with a visual component, but also with a practical application in the WEB 3 world.

Each of our NFTs has its own history and meaning.
After successful media development and placement on all SUI NFT Marketplaces, we plan to integrate our NFT collections into GameFi and other projects, and will make efforts to build our game in the SUI ecosystem

Yours faithfully to the reader @Xranilec_Cars [Twitter]


The first article I read on this site. Interesting, I will follow your project


There’s something about the blocky design that I find appealing!

Looking forward to seeing what Xranilec has in store for us :slight_smile:


Our new works of future NFTs were published on


Our website🌐 has been updated and the History section of Xranilec Cars NFT is now available.

We recently created our first site. Xranilec-Cars will be gradually supplemented with new information and functions.
How do you like the design of our site? Maybe there are some tips…



I love your art concept. Simple but awesome

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Thanks,bro. fantasy takes a lot of time and effort. We are getting old to be different. NFTs with the theme of block machines have never been seen by me, at least on twitter)

Xranilec Cars redesign is already available on our official website.
We will be glad to your interest.

Twitter https://twitter.com/Xranilec_Cars [open to new partnerships]

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Snow… Adults say it’s frozen water, but kids know better: they’re little stars with a magical taste of the coming Christmas and fairy tales. There’s still a lot of work to be done! Together we build and develop #SUI forward to the stars!

Twitter https://twitter.com/Xranilec_Cars

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Vroom vroom everyone. Today we once again updated the site, this time in the visual and animation aspects. Our team does not stand still and is constantly moving. At this rate, jokes, poker and crossford will soon appear on our site… Joke🤡 (don’t steal the idea)

LINK WEBSITE https://www.xranilec-cars.com/


Great design😎 Your team is doing really beautiful and not stereotyped/banal work. At the moment, among all SUI projects NFT, I emphasize you.

Already tired of all these NFT projects wandering from blockchain to blockchain with punks and monkeys.

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Cool! i love pixel design :heart_eyes:

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Thanks bro. We really appreciate your feedback!