What NFTs project will be bullish on #Sui?

:wave:t2: Sup everyone! I am jritoshinkmt.

Well, as we know the current market situation, I wish you guys keep safe & be wise. I’m sure we can get through this storm.

Of course that doesn’t stop me from thinking about what is coming on #Sui :droplet:
To get ready for #Suinami :ocean: would you guys help me to create a list of what NFTs projects that will be bullish on Sui?

The floor is yours!


I’m still on my research. But in near time, I am interested with SuiPunks and Baby Ape Society.


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So, what is the next collection?

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Are you referring to NFT projects meaning primarily collectibles? Or all kinds?

I’m of course biased, but I’m personally really excited about interactive NFT experiences and dApps on Sui. That’s part of why we built Sui 8192 at Ethos: the idea that the NFT IS a game dApp you can play felt really special.


All kinds of NFT projects. Yes, I am also excited by what you have to say. Interactive NFT and attractive dApps provide a unique experience for consumers.

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