Welcome to SuiTalk.org! Your hub for all things Sui and Move!

Welcome to SuiTalk.org, your #1 location to discuss the Sui Blockchain, the Move programming language, and everything that falls in between.

SuiTalk.org is ran by the community with a few goals in mind.

  1. We want to help shine a light on the projects being built in the ecosystem. The Projects category exists for project owners to announce their projects and for discussion to take place on these topics.

  2. We want to help lessen the learning curve when dealing with Move and to foster an environment where Move developers are aiding each other. Lets usher in a new wave of devs in our Developers section!

  3. Running a Sui Validator node can be tough work. Our Node Operators section is intended to be a resource for Node Operators to both find help, and offer guidance. How-To guides are very much appreciated.

  4. The Community section is intended to act in numerous manners, but ultimately they all shed light on the Sui community. Post about upcoming events within the ecosystem, show off your developer profile, post job openings, and shed light on any unsavory or suspicious encounters you come across.

  5. Finally, the General Discussion section is for everything not explicitly covered in an aforementioned section.

The community is temporarily set to invite only while we complete our initial set up, so if you’ve stumbled across this site early, please check back in a day or two, we’re almost ready!