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What’s SeaPad
SeaPad is the first decentralised application on the Sui network that combines the Launchpad & Defi functions together in a single platform. It helps the creative ideas to become real and bring more value, convenience to both project owners and investors. SeaPad is currently focusing on fundraising for web3 projects such as NFT, Gaming, Digital asset management, Defi, SocialFi … but not limited to any projects that help the transition from web2 to web3.

How SeaPad works
SeaPad allows project owners to list their project on the platform to raise the funds from the early phase and also allow users to access the project as the early investors.
Unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms, SeaPad is the decentralised platform where all of the project will be funded with the crypto currency (coin or token). It will help everyone to access the platform easily from everywhere with any amount of money (coin/token) and the fee is nearly zero.
In addition, SeaPad integrates the Defi functions such as staking, swapping, bridge … so that SeaPad can engage users/investors. They experience all Defi functions without moving to other platforms.

The key features

  • Project registration: Everyone can submit their projects to raise funds in terms of IDO, early sale token on SeaPad. The projects need to be reviewed and some of the criteria must me meet
  • The KYC process: SeaPad follows the KYC/AML regulation, so that project owners and investors may need to pass the KYC procedure before listing or participating on the token sales.
  • The DAO verification: SeaPad helps projects to raise funds and bring creative ideas to life but the projects must be feasible with clear roadmaps, bring value to users and help to solve the social problem. We know that we may not be experts in all industries to judge whether a project is qualified or not. That’s why we created a DAO verification mechanism which allows all expert members to join us and verify the projects.
  • Fair access to early token sales: SeaPad has a fair mechanism for any users on the platform to access the project token sales. The mechanism will be based on ticket system and the the supporter who bring values to the project in the long-term vision [
  • Earning mechanism: SeaPad has the earning mechanism so that everyone can start earning by staking the platform token, adding liquidity or farming (the next phase). Users can also receive the bonus/airdrop token in some marketing campaign, please follow us and stay-tuned for more information.
  • On-chain referential mechanism: SeaPad is the first launchpad platform on the Sui network that applies the on-chain referential mechanism. The on-chain ref mechanism allows users to refer for a friend to join the SeaPad and get the commission automatically and transparently managed by smart contracts.
  • Platform government: SeaPad is the community-driven platform for fundraising. Communities can raise their voice by creating the proposal or voting for the proposal. It’s the community to decide what the platform should be like.
  • Stake and earn: Users can stake a SeaPad token to earn the tickets for other IDOs projects. They can also take other tokens in the SeaPad platform to earn a flexible or fixed rate.
  • Swap token: The DEX and DEX aggregator are integrated into SeaPad Defi so that users can swap the token in the SeaPad platform without moving to another Dex. The Dex aggregator on SeaPad automatically divides the order and chooses the pool for users with the best rate.
  • Other features:Many functions will be integrated to the platform based on the community’s opinions. SeaPad will be the best ecosystem not only for fundraising but also for managing the digital access, the investment portfolio, the earning and social activity place.

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