Welcome to Aftermath Finance

Welcome to Aftermath Finance!

Hey everyone, we will be using this platform to interact with the Sui community, discuss all things Aftermath and share updates from our side! Thank you to SuiTalk for setting this up!!

About Us

We are Aftermath, a team of 15 building out the DeFi ecosystem on Sui. We are currently building what we believe to be the three pillars that enable DeFi: Indices, Lending, and Derivatives (tokenized options + perpetuals). At our core we are all DeFi traders and developers, and we want to utilize our expertise to build out a one-stop-shop for DeFi.

Our mission is to build a suite of natively-interoperable products that appeal to both retail and to institutions alike. We have a multi-year roadmap starting with our core suite of products in Q2 2023, then continuing to build more complex strategies, while also providing rich developer resources & documentation which we hope encourages others to build on top of our infrastructure. This is a large part of our ethos; we don’t want to just kickstart the DeFi landscape within Sui, we want do so in a way that allows other developers to build off of the smart contracts we develop, easing the onboarding process into the Sui ecosystem.

I would also like to give a shout-out to one of our developers, Neo, for placing 1st in the Move CTF.

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to us on this platform or through twitter, we are looking to be involved with as many projects building on Sui as we can. Also checkout our latest thread regarding our view of the events that have transpired over the past few days.

Stayed tuned here and on our twitter for more info on our side and ways we hope to involve the community!


What’s the address? I want to try. Thank you

Followed you …but what about your discord server.