Typus Finance - Real Yield in One Click

Hi SuiTalk!

We are Typus Finance, super excited to utilize the SuiTalk platform to engage with fellow Sui projects and users.

What we’re building
We are building a DeFi infrastructure on Sui Network to assist LPs in obtaining better risk-to-reward returns in order to scale on-chain liquidity natively. Our first product, a DeFi Option Vault, focuses on longtail assets including alts and nfts.

Typus utilizes an innovative Dutch auction mechanism and auto passive LP strategies to minimize retail users’ efforts and earn real yields.

Our Mission
Our focus is entirely on onboarding and educating retail users on option instruments. Options are powerful and one of the most lucrative ways to earn real yield. We get that most users probs don’t use options strategies because of the cumbersome process of employing them. Which is why we chose DOVs as our first product.

What Sets Us Apart?
Existing DOV protocols attract inexperienced investors as option sellers and only allow a few institutions to be buyers, subsequently letting institutions purchase batches of cheap options. This imbalanced market structure results in the announced returns to be unachievable, with losses for retail investors and gains for institutions.

On Typus, anyone can act as the buyer or seller at their discretion. Professional institutions act as option vaulters, offering strategies and facilitating liquidation to earn performance fees. This ensures that institutions stand with DOV users instead of against them.

Modified Dutch Auction Mechanism
Buyers only need to determine the quantity and not the price when bidding. Every bidder will settle at the same price when the auction ends.

Typus’ modified Dutch auction design provides superior user experience to newbies in the option market, avoids price discrimination, and allows sellers to receive more generous returns to offset their risks.

We’re currently on Devnet and will go live on Testnet alongside Sui. We’re actively sourcing partnerships and integrations within the Sui ecosystem. Hit us up on our socials or on here. You can also find me personally on Twitter or TG under @six0hfour to discuss any partnerships.

Website: https://typus.finance/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TypusFinance