Топ-3 будущих успешных проектов

Every day there are more and more NFT projects, it seems that you can’t keep track of everyone. And so in this top I would like to highlight the NFT projects that are worth attention.

1 Funnybuns

This is a project about pixel rabbits. With a large audience (relatively) They have a roadmap and a short story about some rabbits. I like how they communicate with their community.

2 Xranilec Cars

This NFT project is about cars. I really liked the design of their site and NFT in general. Now it has a rather small audience. There is also a story about each car in the project. The roadmap states plans for the future implementation GameFI and the practical use of NFTs.

3 WizzardLandSui

This is a project with a large audience and a beautiful NFT design. They have a lot of big weighty partners. There is a NFT Mint on the SUI testnet. Mostly on the twitter account of the giveaways (This makes it a little difficult to find out more about them)

Thank you for your attention. There will be more tops soon.


oh thank you for this pop and mentions of us! In a place to the stars!

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I think future project on Sui it’s sui global