The funnyybuns. The cutest NFTs on Sui

Introduction of the funnyybuns concept.

The funnyybuns is the realization of a cute concept that combines art, community, education, entertainment and games into one brand.

Next to the release of the genesis funnyybuns NFT collection, the educational platform, community entertainment, campaigns, games, movie, and the upcoming funnyybuns evolution, they have worked for over six months to bring this all together in one project.

The funnyybuns have many plans in terms of their long-term mission. They will start with one genesis NFT collection and an educational platform called “The Carrot School,” which is already live on social media but will be built in a separate tab on the website. There will be entertainment, games, the movie, and campaigns to keep it fun while educating the masses about NFTs, News, and Sui Network.

The funnyybuns evolution will be the most significant step in the project. For now, we don’t want to dive in the evolution to much, but let’s say that it will be a significant advantage if you hold your funnyybuns NFTs until the evolution starts.

The funnyybuns is a community-focused project with nothing to do with so-called “money grab” projects. Therefore, we have decided to go for a low mint price and whitelisted buns will mint for free, and this way, we transfer ownership to the funnyybuns community.

We are community and brand-focused. We have seen many lost bunnies without carrots left that have been betrayed in the NFT space with rug pulls, scams, and broken promises. Soon all these forgotten individuals will have a place to call home.

The roadmap is designed in a very strategic way, and the team is very capable of bringing the vision to life within a short period—no broken promises in the funnyybuns community.

The Carrot School be an exceptional educational platform with loads of information and features for the whole Sui community.

The Carrot Club will be for our community. Together with our colony, we will hang out, enjoy entertainment & games, roll out campaigns, share carrots, discuss strategies, and hold hairy votes on future developments.

Eating carrots is what we do, and the cutest but most robust community is what we build. :rabbit::carrot:


quote this “combines art, community, education, entertainment and games into one brand” :partying_face:

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