The First Great Game On Sui? Final Stardust

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On November 17th, 2022, join us on Discord as our own Tushar Chopra interviews Nour Saidana, creator of Final Stardust. Be the first to hear about the latest updates on Cosmic Nexus and future instalments within the Final Stardust Universe. After the interview we’ll open it up for a Q&A with Nour and give away Cosmic Crates to a few lucky listeners.

Once a peaceful planet full of mystical wonder, Xemdia has become the playground of destruction for one Elementalist by the name of Nephasto. His motives are unclear but the chaos that follows him is unlike anything the Xemdians have ever seen.

Unlock your potential in the first instalment within the Final Stardust Universe. Cosmic Nexus is a refreshing collectible card game with unique mechanics and stunning visuals. Simplistic by design yet deceivingly strategic with four playstyles to choose from and 100 Planos to collect. Take control of Xemdia’s destiny and bring balance to the world.

Character creation unlike any before. When you purchase Final Stardust Cosmic Nexus, you receive an avatar with verifiable ownership. You truly own your avatar in and outside of the game. Upon receiving your avatar, you first give it an overhaul.

With customizable features like gender and skin tone, it’s important for your avatar to look the way you want it to. Throughout Cosmic Nexus, find verifiable in-game accessories and buy, sell, and trade on the SpellMarket to personalize your avatar. With over 100 unique items, there are thousands of possible combinations.

It’s not just an avatar, though. Your avatar is the complete access pass to Cosmic Nexus and future Final Stardust games and experiences. Its journey will be tracked as you traverse unexplored lands, fight new enemies, and make unexpected allies. Level up your avatar to increase your chances to find rare items and new creatures.

Preorders will begin in Q1 of 2023 and will be limited to 2,000. What can you expect in the preorder? You’ll receive one Avatar, a complete Preorder skin set, and two Cosmic Crates. These crates contain random accessories ranging from common to the most epic of items, Mazais.

Mazais, miniature Plano-like creatures that help bring a sense of calming and reprieve from the events triggering Cosmic Nexus. What they lack in ability, they make up for with their huge, adorable presence.

Be sure to join the Final Stardust Discord for the November 17th Interview, Q&A, and be one of the lucky winners of some awesome in-game swag. Check out the Final Stardust Twitter @finalstardustFR to stay up to date on the latest news and events and be sure to stop by to check out the alpha demo!


Why must pre order for alpha demo? :pray:

There is no pre-order needed for the early/alpha demo. You just need to go to and you will have a “play the demo” button that will allow you to download it.

The new demo (beta version with more content and improved graphics) will be available in Q1 2023.