SuiTalk - Week 1

Hey everyone,

Thank you for a very successful first week of We’ve onboarded more projects than I had anticipated, and community sentiment has been very strong so far. I appreciate all of the shout outs that both the site and myself have received on Twitter and chat platforms, we feel very welcomed to the community.

Over the next few weeks, the plan is to begin onboarding the broader community (Not just those involved with projects), and to expand the forum just very slightly. We want the forum to be as easy to navigate as possible, so we’ve always gone for a simplistic approach, however some content just doesn’t have any place to go right now. We’ll get that fixed up promptly.

A few of you have asked how you can get involved or if there are any partnership opportunities.

  1. I will be on-boarding a small team of staff members to act as moderators this week. So far so good, but it’s only a matter of time before we begin getting hit with spammers and less-than-savory posters.
  2. As far partnerships, SuiTalk is seeking a small number of monthly sponsors. Sponsors of SuiTalk will contribute towards our server costs (nothing extrordinary by any means) and in return will be granted their own sub-category in the ‘Partnered Projects’ category. As a community driven project, our sponsors will be crucial in regards to our longevity.

I greatly appreciate all the support so far, and I hope each and every one of you are able to find some benefit from this platform. Let’s continue to grow, lets continue to post high quality content related to Sui and Move, and lets have some fun!

Thank you!



Nice, a good project in sui…