SUIPTOS - First Collective NFT Project on SUI & Aptos


The goal of this project is to harness community power to hodl long term.

This is achieved through community buying of NFT’s (maybe tokens in future also) and holding long term through DAO decision-making and voting.

The way we do this is as follows:

Host a cheap mint.
Invest proceeds to generate APY (received monthly).
Engage community on which projects to sweep and have a vote on that.
Sweep and hodl (In DAO smart contract)
Hodl some more… The decision on selling NFT’s will be voted on by community.
At the point of selling NFT, funds will be distributed to all DAO members proportionately to their holding.
We will also run giveaways/airdrops to that users also get something back on a month to month basis apart from the hodl.
This project can help the entire ecosystem by uniting community members and collectively benefiting projects building on SUI & Aptos. It brings together smaller guys to have an actual say, vote and share in the future of SUI & Aptos.

Our progress thus far is:

2 000+ Twitter followers.

Currently acquired so far:

  • 1 Aptos Monkey
  • 1 MOVE(Rs)
    (This was bought with our own funds).

Currently whitelisted for NFT Notify Tool.

Discord open.

Art underway.


NuriKols#4750: Co-Founder
Crypto fanatic, Fanatic to have found Aptos, in crypto since 2017, Community guy, builder, former CEO Qwik Rand, Accountant.

Lucio#4673: Co-Founder
Community mod, Crypto & Aptos fanatic.
Currently mod at Bushido Royale, Collab team at Collectors Club, Core team at High Smugglers Club.

Kila_7#0121 - Dev
Crypto trader, runs community portfolio for a range of non-crypto experienced clients. Web dev, App dev and all things dev.

The motivation to build this is because community is what makes everything, Aptos has just launched and it is the best time for early users to collectively benefit instead of whales joining later and such clubs becoming exclusive. This is the time to build the whales of the future and create a club accessible to all which will become the club holding the hottest SUI & Aptos NFT’s (and coins later).

This is the average guys shot at actually gaining from the entire ecosystem instead of having to continously fund his own portfolio.

This is a low risk project considering the entry price. Also low risk because of community decision making on what projects to sweep.

The main challenge will be coordination of community decisions to run the Dao and Smart contracts. However this will managed through Discord where a user’s stake or activity/engagement will build rank in the community, thus allowing the smallest guy who is motivated to have his say as well.



Really interesting concept. I’m definitely going to follow along on progress.


Just read and interesting with your vault concept

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