Suiheroes arrived suitalk

SuiHeroes NFT’s a collection of all brains behind Suinetwork blockchain immortalised within our #NFTs.
Created out of appreciation, these Heroes will now live forever on chain!!

All SuiHeroes NFT holders will get 70% value of $SUI coin used to mint SuiHeroes NFT’s as airdrop of $SuiHeroes token into their wallets.
But the benefits of being a part of the SuiHeroes community don’t stop there as the platform will be built to have inherent value to them.

As a holder, you will have access to our exclusive community DAO. This means that as a holder you get to have a vote in deciding the future direction of the project; your voting power, by the way, will scale in proportion to how many SuiHeroes you hold. Feel free to gobble as much power as you want,

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Yes so heroes are here in this current market situation you continue to make progress and making it work with the community is really amazing to see and be a part of.
very inspiring move Sui heroes

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