SuiDuckz Highlights [November 21, 2022]

:droplet: Ongoing program

  1. Active event on Discord SuiDuckz (At the end of November 10 Top rankers will be entitled to an OG Role) :large_orange_diamond:

  2. Contest meme :clown:

  3. :dagger:

  4. Duckz Hunter :duck: :gun: Program : Benefits of Duckz Hunter in the future ๐Ÿฆ†

  5. Suiduckz Testing lab :alembic: :test_tube: :duck: : Suiduckz Testing Lab โš—๏ธ

:notepad_spiral: Updates

  1. Launching Website : :globe_with_meridians:

  2. Arrived to SuiDuckz arrived to

  3. Demo Shoot Duckz :gun: On discord

  4. We created smart contract on SUI Devnet : Sui Explorer

  • we will notify if there is any updates
  • There will be many updates and updates in the future, keep watching for official announcements from us.

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great project suiduckz


I told you this project very cool