Sui Global - #1 Ecosystem project. Sui Global - your guide to the Sui world!

Sui Global raises awareness of Sui blockchain and projects developmet on Sui around the World. Sui Global focuses on strengthening the Sui foundation, developing the community, and supporting existing and new projects built on the Sui blockchain.
We are open to interaction and everyone is welcome. We are ready for any kind of partnership for the development of the Ecosystem.

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Our mission is to improve everyone’s interaction with everyone in the Sui Ecosystem: users to users, users to projects and projects to projects.

Our goal is to provide users around the world all important information about all the projects being built at Sui in one place.

One important part of our mission is to pass on our knowledge to anyone who wants to raise their level of education and awareness in crypto space. We are ready to accompany anyone from first step till employment in crypto projects which are based on Sui. We want to create the best comprehensive guide for all Sui users, from new crypto users to developers.

Let’s build without borders together!


Glad to be here miaaaaaw~ :heart_eyes_cat:


Solid group of people! We’ve been helping eachother out a lot these past few months.


Great job guys. :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader:

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Wonderful. A great and unique medium of interaction. I’m gonna love this


Sui is love. Sui is live.

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I really like their Mission & Goal! :heart_eyes: Sounds great!

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