Sui DeFi review - Cetus

How is Sui’s DeFi performing? Let’s review one of the leaders in Total Value Locked (TVL) - the multi-chain DEX CetusProtocol. With 66% dominance and the trust of 100K users, it’s a force to be reckoned with. What are its use cases, advantages, and how do you get started? :rocket:

The use cases of CetusProtocol are varied: you can instantly swap your tokens, add liquidity to pools to earn returns, participate in the launchpad, bridge assets with other blockchains, and keep an eye on the key DEX stats. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

The advantages of CetusProtocol? You can trade in seconds, enjoy low fees, and benefit from an uninterrupted experience. Being a permissionless DEX, it has recently been audited by major blockchain security firms Ottersec and Movebit. :lock:

We’re seeing a clear trend towards DEXes. Swap your tokens, add liquidity, and keep an eye out for new Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) on CetusProtocol. Remember, only invest what you’re comfortable with, stay safe and always do your own research. :mag_right: