Safety Revisited

Building on Sui: Safety Revisited


Six months ago when we began building on the Sui blockchain, we recognized that many of the features in development for Sui could help push crypto into the mainstream in ways that deliver legitimate value.

Those features continue to roll out. Today we want to revisit one of the first ideas we discussed in Why Sui Move Part 1: Safety. Recently the team at Mysten Labs introduced a new feature to Sui, called “dryRunTransaction”. In addition to the object-level permissions discussed in our previous blog post, “dryRunTransaction” allows us to easily get a complete break-down of all of the impacts a given transaction will have on the assets in our wallet.

We’ve now integrated both features into our wallet transaction approval modal. It’s still a work-in-progress as we want to continue to push on making this information more digestible, but it now provides comprehensive information about what asset permissions are being requested from the dApp’s function call, what assets will be affected by the function call, and the gas amount required. This provides much more accurate and detailed information about any given transaction, making it easier to safely approve the transaction or identify any unexpected or malicious actions.

Here are two examples. The first shows that one asset is being requested for modification and it indeed does modify the Game8192 asset. The second shows that full access has been requested for an asset (the exact asset can be seen in the “Assets” tab) and that asset is being deleted.

Here we can see the “Assets” tab and how one asset is being requested to read from and what that exact asset is (an EthosExample NFT). In this more detailed view we can also verify that no other permissions are being requested and the only effect is to create a new asset.

It is still early days for creating workflows that make the blockchain safer and more accessible to people, but making it easy to do a dry run of a transaction is another step in the right direction.

You can experience our new transaction approval modal now with the latest version of our Chrome extension wallet which you can use to play the Sui 8192 game, chess, checkers, or a number of other experiences from getting your SuiNS name to minting an NFT.

And if you are a developer building on Sui, we would love to support you. You can find our documentation and contact information at