PoseidonSui || 1000 NFTs on Sui

Hello all!

My name is Poseidon. Iā€™m the Greek mythological sea God. Iā€™m here to build a community of NFT lovers on Sui blockchain to educate, inform and making connections with other projects build on Sui.

PoseidonSui NFT = Utility NFT !

Being a PoseidonSui NFT owner will give you acces to a private Discord Channel, where you will find :

:ocean: daily news from crypto world

:ocean: daily education materials

:ocean: WL spots to other crypto projects on Sui

:ocean: Giveaways :gift: :gift: :gift:

:ocean: :ocean: :ocean: MANY OTHER SURPRISES IN THE FOLLOWING WEEKS :ocean: :ocean: :ocean:

:ocean: :ocean: :ocean: 1000 NFTs || no more than 100 wl :ocean: :ocean: :ocean:


PS : NFT revealing very soon :ocean:

PPS : Roadmap & Site in the following weeks :ocean:


Ok.sounds great.
I am interested also wanna become early supporter