Porto Labs — The First Synthetic Assets On Sui

Porto Labs is building a bridge-resistant DeFi ecosystem.

Porto’s initial product is a Sui-native synthetic assets protocol. Users will be able to mint pAssets like pBTC, pETH, and pUSD. Each pAsset tracks the price of its underlying; for example, pUSD tracks the price of the U.S. Dollar, pETH tracks the price of ETH, etc.

To mint a pAsset, users must lock up SUI or Sui-native assets as collateral.

pAssets can be used for a number of purposes including:

  • Held to gain exposure to the price of the underlying
  • Traded at up to 20x leverage with no slippage
  • Used to buy and sell options on the underlying against a pool of liquidity

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DAPPs in SUI are getting more and more diverse, and one of them is this project. SUI to the moon

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That sounds great! We are looking forward to it.