PerceptronLabs SUI we come (NFT Holder Verification System)


We made NFT holder verification solution for Discord.
Auto assign/revoke discord role based on user wallet holdings.

Onboarding for Sui devnet is free! We are looking to empower communities even before mainnet is live.

(Already Live)

  • Filter rules based on Quantity
  • Filter rules based on Attributes (or multiple attributes combo)
  • Auto revoke the role when NFT leave the wallet (whatever is the reason) every hour
  • Staking detection (Ready to plug with any custodial staking solution, on request)
  • Multiple wallets link with some of the most used Wallets (Cumulative count)
  • Can link/delink, add/remove wallets at will
  • Holder Snapshot tool
  • Discord NFT sales & listing feed Bot

We provide an accurate and secure solution for DAO and private discord access management for SuiNetwork.

Our team is composed of software engineers with vast knowledge and experience in different fields such as Web Development, Data Science, AI and more and have a deep understanding of blockchain and NFT technologies.

We already work with a few NFT projects and the solution is now “Stable” in it’s actual version and highly scalable for mass adoption.
We are now working on future tools that will empower the whole Move Ecosystem.

NFT collection (coming soon with more details)

Feel free to reach us on discord and open a ticket to onboard your project with our system.
We can showcase our system with the official Sui collections such as DevNetNFT and Capy.