OAT pay GAS transaction in Galxe is not FAIR for SUI.riders


I find this, I think is important to explain it.
¨ I love to make some quests, hoping for some airdrops, but pay
GAS transactions for to proof the achievement of quests after promotions and diffuse #FREE your owns projects it’s not fair and no ethical for your users. You can lose credibility¨

What is the OAT utility?
I need to pay for to achieve a List of quests?
Like Rider, I need to pay for to promote and diffuse for FREE?


I’m not quite sure what the relevant is between OAT and Sui. Is there a Sui project promoting OAT somehow?

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Oat is a kind of NFT in Galex platform, where you can solve some quests when they are achieved you can claim this NFT payed with matic gas