Mofa Wallet Release v0.1.0 πŸŽ‰

To celebrate the successful launch of the Sui mainnet :ocean: . Today, we released the first Android version of Mofa wallet. :rocket:

Mofa wallet is a completely open source, non-custodial mobile crypto wallet designed for SUI network.

With Mofa wallet, user’s mnemonic phrase and private key are encrypted by Secure Enclave(iOS) and Hardware-backed Keystore(Android). All code is already open source. You can view via Github GitHub - mofalabs/mofa: An open source, non-custodial, cross-platform wallet.

Download from github Releases Β· mofalabs/mofa Β· GitHub

Mofa Labs Twitter:

Welcome DM for cooperation and feedback.

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Can we stake sui there?

Will be supported in the next version.

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