First Final Stardust AMA - Win In Game Items!


Exciting news! I will be hosting the first interview and Q&A to talk about everything Final Stardust. Learn about the first game release, Cosmic Nexus and the introduction of the enchanted planet of Xemdia. Listen in to enter for a chance to win a Cosmic Crate!

What is a Cosmic Crate? Filled with exclusive and in-game items, this is the first chance to get gear for your avatar before the official launch. Each Cosmic Crate is guaranteed one piece of gear with a 1:10 chance of getting an additional rare item.

Date: November 17, 2022
Time: 1pm PST
Where: Discord
Prizes: in-game items

What’s Final Stardust?
Xemdia, a planet rich in culture and a sense of connectedness. A land full of otherworldly creatures known as Planos roam free and some have even created a symbiotic relationship with the people of Xemdia. Helping create a better world, they work hand in hand to accomplish the tasks in daily life. But that was about to change.

A looming sense, like a dark cloud, hung above the people’s head. An explosion shakes the ground and the sky turns red with brimstone. A small village decimated with the blink of an eye. Once a peaceful planet, Xemdia is now on the brink of chaos and anarchy.