Cleo launch App

We will be announcing some of the features that are now available in the Cleo app, we will explain!:point_down:

  1. List of upcoming NFT project on sui

How does it work?

  1. Connect your wallet ( sui wallet, suiet wallet, ethos wallet )
  2. Press the love button which is on the right side of the project.
  3. You can only give 1 vote for 1 project.

If you have a project on sui, you can apply in the app. Projects that get a lot of votes will automatically rise to the top.

Let’s vote your favorite project :blue_heart:

  1. Create Avatar

You can create your own Cleo avatar with various existing traits.

  1. Create Cover Twitter

You can create your own Cleo Banner twitter in any color you like.

  1. Analytics ( soon )

Provide floor price, volume, sales information for several projects that are already listed on the Secondary Marketplace.


like your hype leaderboard system

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Cool app, definitely helpful to see what’s upcoming and to see what’s new. Bookmarking this.

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If you suggest then it will be rocking sir