Chibikiverse invades Sui Ecosystem

Hey Sui Fam,
Chibikiverse is now on Sui and Suitalk. We will be using this forum henceforth to create discussion threads and so on!

What is Chibikiverse?
We are a bunch of Artists and Indie Devs who are so crazy about manga and anime culture. Ever since childhood we all wanted to change or alter or ever write our own anime! We are all about creating the community created manga for the first time in the world. This is not a purely Web3 product, it’s a project to identify interested investors and supporters so that we can always give them back after our manga releases.

What are we gonna do?
We are open to Collabs as long as the story enables it, out of respect and friendship we have added a gnome character from Sui Gnomes and a Hanako from Sui of Hanako to our story that we are building so far. We are planning to make the NFT culture more artistic as Art has a history of over 45,000 years which is rich and it is its own utility. We do have ideas of issuing hard printed mangas, merchs and our game Metaverse in the future but the focus is on writing engaging storyline and making the ultimate anime in Web3 space.

That’s is for this thread, looking forward to any discussions, questions, Collabs or even investor talk as we are actively looking for all the above.

Special thanks to for the opportunity


I like it! :heart:
You are here with us


Let’s gooo!!! We gonna create one of the kick-ass collections on Sui with a brand and a bang!


Hopefully your NFT work will be accepted by all NFT communities, especially in SUI

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here we go!

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