Announcing the Sui Name Service! (Apply for the WL today)

Greetings SuiTalkers,

My name is Anthony and I’m the Founder of the Sui Name Service.

Our goal is to create the first community-run blue-chip name service on Sui that focuses on connecting web2 to web3, especially gaming. As we all know, Gaming is the most natural avenue for blockchain technology and Sui gaming will be MASSIVE. However, without the core infrastructure in terms of identity, messaging, and identifiers, it’ll be impossible to eventually integrate with web2 companies.

We’re solving that challenge through our innovative community-first approach that builds on the idea of a name-service and Sui’s tech to create something truly remarkable. Not only that, but we’re going to set a standard for the Sui eco-system as a blue-chip eco-system with unique ideas… not just copies of Ethereum or Solana projects.

With the $SNS you can:
(1) Safely & easily send your Sui payments to anyone.
(2) Use your Sui domain name and profile across any game.
(3) Eventually control the web2 TLD of your “.sui” domain on Google. (Goal)
(4) Have voting power in the $SNS DAO. (See for more details)

If that sounds interesting (which we know does), join us by applying for an exclusive pre-release whitelist spot and help us build the future, together. We love web3 and we’re here to stay!

Shout out to Brendan for inviting us to this forum.
We’re here to stay.



Its great…i am gonna buy storkpass tomorrow