Announcing EthosConnect: Our APIs for Developers on Sui are Now Live!

Hi! I’m Taylor and recently joined the team at Ethos :wave:

Today, the team at Ethos is pleased to announce the public release of EthosConnect, APIs for developers building on Sui that enables you to connect all wallets and support wallet-less users with email sign in. which is a This is a project we are very passionate about and have been working on since the earliest days of Sui DevNet. While the name is new, you’ve likely experienced these APIs already as an end-user if you’ve played our Sui 8192 game or used an Ethos wallet. Now, we’re making this easy onboarding available to all developers via our Our EthosConnect APIs. You can check them out here:

From day one, Ethos’ mission has been to make the benefits of blockchain technology accessible to more people. We recognized early on that new crypto users found the experience of setting up and using a wallet overwhelming and this gets worse over time as you become a more active user – the overhead and cognitive load just multiply. So we set out to improve the wallet and onboarding experience, making it work for new users and experienced dApp developers alike. While we don’t want to make the blockchain invisible to new users, we want to make it more accessible and less intimidating. We also included features like sign-in with email. To reduce the amount of knowledge and jargon required to get started with web3, we can help new-to-web3 users learn more about the blockchain and its options after they realize its value.

Read the full article blog post here: Meet EthosConnect: Our APIs for Developers on Sui are Now Public | by Ethos Wallet | Nov, 2022 | Medium

Chrome extension: Ethos Sui Wallet - Chrome Web Store
Sui 8192 game: Sui 8192
keep your eye out for a link to our Discord Server soon :wink:


Thanks for sharing this, Taylor! We’re really excited to share what we’ve been building and I can’t wait to hear feedback from more of the Sui developer community on EthosConnect.