Hello sui ecosystem
hanako now at suitalk.org

Introduce us from SUI OF HANAKO , we will make NFT project in sui ecosystem :ocean:

Hanako NFTs is a collections
created by Japanese artist who presented through his art and put his heart & soul into this collection.

The main goal of the collection are to create unique community holders and fans of Anime/manga as well as to give opportunity to enjoy the art, the utillities and learn something new directly from Hanako developer.

For anime fans, don’t forget to visit our social media

Best regard

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TWITTER: @Hanako_nfts


My interest in this started right when I saw some of the art works they beautiful made by some very creative artists always I keep my eyes to support and be a part of such projects


Very cool suitalk . Hope Hanako better more better :100:


Looks fun here , let’s gooo Sui :droplet:

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Thanks buddy :heart: you always support us !! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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You are the best mate :pray:

Heya Hanako! Glad to see you! :grinning:

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I feel so happy you are here!! :heart::heart:

Heyaa Hanako im here always with you ^))
:heart_decoration: :boom: :right_anger_bubble:

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Ooohh thanks you so much brother :heart:

Naprawdę nie mogę doczekać się premiery/ I’m really looking forward to the release :wink:

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great project sui global

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