1/4/23 Devnet Updated to v0.20.0



  • New address and hex modules added to the sui package.
  • A new sui client sub-command: verify-source which compiles a package and checks all its modules match their on-chain counterparts.
  • A new dev-inspect transaction type for test calling any Move function without making state changes. Stay tuned for more detailed documentation.
  • Coin APIs added to Rust SDK alongside other coin JSON-RPC API
  • SuiJSON u64 inputs must be strings
  • Fixes to wallet-kit UI
  • Various fixes to the ID Leak verifier
  • Added --bcs flag for sui client object
  • Sui Framework and Stdlib no longer cost gas to load sui move now allows compilation of packages with non-0x0 self-addresses (but they will still fail to publish)
  • The old node-sync/follower system was removed and all fullnodes will now rely on checkpoints for syncing

Full Changelog: Commits · MystenLabs/sui · GitHub

Devnet had to redeploy fullnodes with v0.20.1 release. If you are running a fullnode, please wipe and restart with the new build. Use v0.20.1 tag.

There are currently issues with faucet not working in devnet . Mysten Labs are actively investigating and will update once things are back in the working order.