1/19/23 Devnet Updated to v0.22.0



  • Events are now emitted during staking operations and epoch changes. #7342 #7228
  • Added dynamic field support to Sui CLI, users can now use sui client dynamic-field <object id> to view dynamic fields of an object. #7151
  • A bug fix to allow optional move input via SuiJson. #7118
  • Added an additional parameter to configure the epoch for dev-inspect. Expect more changes to this API endpoint. #7209
  • Introduce Publisher module which acts as a proof of publishing. #7196
  • Added toast messages/notifications for wallet. Sdk-ts fix FaucetResponse type. #7272
  • Wallet adapters now notify dapps when wallet disconnects. #7258
  • Added validator types, getDelegatedStake, and getValidators.#7389
  • Enable staking and unstaking on the wallet. #7403

Full Changelog: Commits · MystenLabs/sui · GitHub

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