1/12/23 Devnet Updated to v0.21.0

devnet-0.21.0 Latest


  • sui_executeTransaction
    now requires the client to be responsible to serialize flag || signature || pubkey
    in one field and submit in the signature
    field. See #7185 for details.
  • Wallet keystore now only stores flag || privkey instead of flag || privkey || pubkey. See #6989 for details.
  • Added sui::vec_map::key function to return a vec map’s keys in a vector. #7051
  • Allow entry functions and module initializers to accept a &TxContext instead of &mut TxContext if they only need to read from the context. #7043
  • WalletKit moved into a core, framework-agnostic package. #6950
  • Objects that were created but never existed in storage (started off wrapped, and then deleted) no longer show up in the effects of the transaction that deleted them. #7174
  • std::vector::insert<Element>(&mut vector<T>, Element, u64) added to the Move standard library.
  • std::debug::print<T>(&T) now has special-casing for printing of std:::ascii::string.

Full Changelog: Commits · MystenLabs/sui · GitHub


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