We are Sui Penguins! Web3 penguins living in a #Metaverse Antarctica

  1. Why Sui Blockchain

#Sui is horizontally scalable to support a wide range of application development with unrivaled speed at low cost. This makes it suitable for everyone involved because of it’s speed, safety and low gas fees.

  1. What is Sui Penguins NFT

Sui penguins are a derivative of Pudgy penguins. Our love for penguins brought us to the decision that the penguins will feel at home on #Sui. Each penguins are created to maximize the vibe of #Sui.

  1. Is there any use for the NFTs beyond collection

While our art are a derivative of pudgy penguins, our NFTs are designed with usability in mind too. Their use and staking will be rewarded with an internal token called [$ICE] which will unlock lots of utilities in the future.

  1. What to expect from us.

We are still early and there are lots of work that awaits us, together we can make a difference and contribute to the penguins wildlife communities. Discord and website are in works, once they are completed an announcement will be made to everyone.

  1. Vision

Our goal is to contribute to all things penguins like shelter donations and research support. Because we love penguins, probably you do too. :heart::penguin:

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